#Jen Network

#Jen Network: Offline Community Support

This feature is about reaching the section of the society that is offline. In the Western World that is Homeless, in Easter Homeless and begging. They don’t have any way to place Food Requests. We will fix that. Ask and you shall receive. #MrChrist.

The feature involves Food Pickup with a DropOff later. A FoodRunner can pick up the food and wait for a notification from the DropOff side.

However, the Homeless community is offline. Hence it is imperative they drop it off for that Community pro-actively. That includes Homeless at gas stations or at Shelters. Either way, they get a food surprise.

The FoodRunner drops it off and collects double of a regular Pickup-DropOff process.

A thanks for going the extra mile into the unknown.

Everybody in means Everybody. Connected or not!

Good Afternoon World! I love you World!