Revenue Streams at AppGal Labs Explained

Just wanted to take some time to explain the different sources of revenue at AppGal Labs. This is for my own benefit so that I can point the people to this blog entry instead of losing my breath talking. My Board knows where I stand and keep insisting I slow down and establish a regular sleep cycle. They are aware I am running from the pain of missing my kids and cannot understand my ex-wife a.k.a the worst Mom in the World.

I am hounded by dead beat men who consistently ask me how I am going to make money despite the detailed explanations of my Products and why they will generate a profit. They nod their heads but behind my back hope I don’t get where I am going because jealousy is a thing. They feel the pressure to get out of complacency mode to keep their significant other. Kid you not, one very sweet and humble lady asked me to be her boyfriend in front of her boyfriend. I stayed still, did not breathe for a minute, looked at him in a way that said, dude I am sorry but how can I help that. I literally met them for the first time in the elevator.


This is the Food Recovery Optimization Network. The goal is to eliminate World Hunger by the end of 2023. There is one very strategic Component that will help with this goal once scaled out from Austin, TX to Mumbai, India and later to South Africa. It is an Uber-like Network but for volunteers that can drive to the nearest fresh food source like restaurants that are going to throw away perfectly fine food. They can then deliver this food to the Churches, Food Pantries, or in the case of India, Orphanages so that kids and sweet families can eat the best food in the city free of charge.

Revenue Stream

Each silly kid that eats this Gourment meal owes me $100. Totally kidding. My revenue stream is when you eat the food, and you believe you are entitled to it. You deserve it and not feel a sense of gratitude towards AppGal Labs. We are working for you and not the other way round. If you want to pay us, just throw out a prayer that I can see my kids consistently and soon.

There will be a Revenue Stream when we release version 2.0. Most likely an AI play that provides the chefs who have a high inventory cost optimize their daily investment. There will be a monthly subscription to this Dashboard. All the profits from this feature will be re-invested in paying the Volunteers. AppGal Labs will make a $0 profit from this Product forever.

Machine Learning Pipeline

We still need to name this Product. This is Core Infrastructure for an Enterprise or a Startup that wants to build an AI Product. Many components here

Data Ingestion Pipeline: A pipeline to ingest Customer Data needed to train your AI models.

Data Science Pipeline: A pipeline for Data Scientists to train their AI models based on this real and lots of Customer Data. The goal is for them to pull data into their Jupyter notebooks. Once the model is trained or mostly trained, they can collaborate with other Data Scientists for feedback or more training. At some point when they think their AI model is trained enough, they can deploy this model with a click of a button for QA and/or Production release. AI models have a tendency to learn and evolve in Production. At some point, they have to be re-trained. There would be a back channel where a Production AI model can go reverse into the Data Scientist’s collaboration tool that is integrated with their notebook for further training or normalization, QA, and Production Release.

Revenue Stream

Cloud Hosting: AppGal Labs, can operate the entire pipeline for you on Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud.


An AI platform to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease

EMMA will be built on top of the above Machine Learning Pipeline

The pursuit for a cure will be in two phases.

Phase 1

Increase the the pace of Early Detection by 50 percent. I believe the current technology can predict its onset 10 years ahead of time. Goal is to make this better by producing the result 20 years ahead of time. Considering it takes an average of 20 years for the disease to kill the individual, this is most likely at a point when the beta-amyloid protein starts forming. The moral dilemma is without a cure, can you affect the quality of life of the individual who may end up worrying a lot and miss the precious years with their loved ones. On the flip side they can start preparing pleasant memories by experiencing special moments, pictures, and videos to insert these into their soul. With Alzheimer’s the memory will be destroyed, so very important to insert these into your soul. This way when you transition to Heaven, your regret cycle with God lasts a few minutes or days and you can start enjoying the goodies that are in store for you. I hope that’s how it works. Mr. Christ a little help on this topic ?(lol).

Phase 2

An aggressive pursuit for a cure. Get this done in 10 years. This way anyone diagnosed within the last few years or in the future starting now, can keep this to a concern and not a lot of worry. So many revenue streams here. Financially, there is a lot of profit here. AppGal Labs, embraces it all. We do like profits (lol).

Revenue Stream

Consulting: Alzheimer’s cure requires deep research into the Human Genome. This means collaboration with institutes like St. Jude. In the process, may be help with Cancer Research or other diseases.

Pharmaceuticals: The cure will most likely be an injection that consists of medicine that can break the link between genetic mutation and the cells in the blood that eventually give birth to the beta-amyloid protein. Lots of work to do here. Empower Labs, work with University Professors, make deals with Pharmaceutical companies, and make sure their eye is on the ball which is find the cure using honest means and profit Priority #2.

That’s all. Notice I did not provide any revenue projections. It is a slippery slope. Dead beat men insist for that number and when I provide it, their heart pounds and hide their significant other from me. (lol)

Good morning World. I Love you World!



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