Lead Generation for a Software Product without ever picking up the phone — Part 2

Part 1 was just setting the stage before the Sales Process. This is our first meeting. Am I going to be speaking to some one from the C-Suite? C-suite Sir and/or Ma’m, your Software business is a joke, how may I help? Your Aviation Business is beautifully solvent. But you cannot get a dollar from the 1 Billion Dollar Airline Optimization Network market with your current Software. Impossible. You spend more time integrating with Customer Data than you do building the actual Product. But may be not any more because I am not your backbone any more. I delivered a Product called NOI in 6 months, writing 99% of the codebase. A Product that took 2 years of start and stop. Mostly stop. It took you 1 year integrating with Customer Data and as far as I know, lost the account. Come on. You just cannot get there. Impossible.

So here is the deal, I have solved your DataIngestion problem as a component of my Open Source codebase here: https://github.com/bugsbunnyshah/machineLearningPipelinePrototype

You already have the Product. Use it, start making your way to the 1 Billion dollar pot. Very possible. That’s it. Meeting done. You think it over, while I go back to my real jam, Alzheimer’s cure and Food Recovery Optimization Network (Get rid of World Hunger and Diseases…Love you World..I am on my way).

Why the soft spot for GE? Good GE is made me who I am. Was already a brilliant programmer, but your certain manager inspired and kicked my butt to pass the ball. Become a mentor and produce more Sohil’s. His words..not mine. Mission accomplished you beautiful man.

GE holds the same place in my heart as Microsoft. Microsoft and Mr. Gates inspired me at 17 to chase the difficult goal of becoming the richest self-made man. “self-made” important. Your Aviation business is worth $20, but overall the Company is worth $6.86. It’s time to get to $20 by end of the year. If you get close to the Billion dollar pot, you will also announce to the World that Jet Engine is not our only business, AI solutions is where the massive growth will come from.

Good night World. I love you World



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