Sohil Shah
2 min readJan 22, 2021


#Jen: Food Recovery Optimization Network: Business and Technology

The #Jen: Network, short for Food Recovery Optimization Network, is an Uber-like Network for FoodRunners, who can volunteer to pick up food from restaurants, tech cafeterias, parties, etc that they are going to discard because it is extra. They can then deliver it to participating organizations such as churches, food pantries, etc so the people who are hungry can get a deserving hearty meal.

End Goal

Eradicate #Hunger from the planet by 2023

Business Strategy

Estimates of how much money it would take to end world hunger range from $7 billion to $265 billion per year.

This is because so far the understanding to cure #Hunger has been looked at from the wrong angle. #Hunger is fundamentally a side effect of a highly inefficient Distribution Ecosystem, and not really a failure of the Financial system.

Each year, 72 billion pounds of food goes to waste while 50 million people may struggle with hunger in 2020.

50 billion pounds of that has no other option than the landfill. What can the businesses do? Hence, #Jen Network. Alternate option. The premise is simple. Millions of people use Uber or Lyft, etc every single day.

Step 1: Go to the #Jen Network Dashboard, and schedule a pickup.

Step 2: Select the Organization that can use the food. Done!

Step 3: The Organization “Accepts” the Food Request.

Step 4: The #Jen FoodRunner Network equipped with the iOS and Android App finds the best “set” of FoodRunners that can perform the pickup and dropoff.

Step 5: The selected FoodRunner notifies the pickup location that they will pickup the food

Step 6: They pickup the food and the Organization is notified an angel is on his way, tell your hungry well deserving children of Mr Christ, “You will not go hungry today, Not today, Not ever”


Programming Platform: Java

Microservices: Quarkus

Data Storage: MongoDB

AI Platform: Braineous (version Secretariat)

Mobile Platform: Android and iOS

Mobile Framework: Flutter on Dart

Dashboard Web Framework: React

Business Roadmap

Official launch in a few days. I am reaching Code Freeze most likely tomorrow tonight. Then off for launch preparation.

Pilot: Austin, Texas

Next Stop: Memphis, TN and Los Angeles, CA

Next launch version (BabyBoy) with a revenue component

FoodRunners can now get paid $30 per trip

Next Stop: Mumbai, India

Good afternoon World! Love you World!